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 Do you need to rent event equipment In Flagler County, Florida? If so, we are glad you stopped by and are excited to work with you. Welcome to Flagler Counties' number one local and family-run party rental service. We deliver to venues in Palm Coast, Bunnell, Flagler Beach, and all other Flagler County Cities. Our super-friendly staff is eager to bring fun and good times to your child's next party or event. Bounce Party Rentals is 100% licensed and insured. All of our employees undergo strict background checks. Event equipment is clean and sanitized in between deliveries.

We Have Many Party Inflatable Rentals Ready For Your Event Near Flagler County, FL!

We offer rentals on many types of inflatables near Flagler County, FL. There are many options, so we split the rentals into categories to make a selection easy. All you have to do now is pick the very best one. Finding your child's next blowup to rent is even easier than "eeny meeny miny moe." Please take full advantage of our very informative website. Take your time, enjoy our easy-to-navigate website, and remember to show the kids. They will love having fun with you, watching, and helping you pick out their inflatable. On the day of their birthday party, they will jump for joy when they see the rental they helped pick out delivered.

Categories to Rent An Inflatable In Flagler County, Florida! Bounce House, Water Slide, Dry Slide, Combo, Obstacle Course, Food, & Discounts!

When you are ready to view the rentals, you can pick the categories that meet your needs above. When you click on a unit you want to rent on any category page, the next page will be about that item. Many item pages feature additional photos, videos, 3d views, and more.

 Bounce House Rentals

Our Bounce Houses are crafted from the highest quality materials with safety in mind. Choose this category for all of the bouncing castles and licensed bouncy moonwalks. You'll find a wide selection of premium-quality bouncy castles and inflatable jumpers. Your kids will enjoy hours of bouncing fun without worries. Rent a jumper when planning a birthday party, a special event, a wedding, or any other gathering. Our bouncer rentals will surely add a touch of magic and excitement to your celebration.

With a vast range of colors, themes, and sizes, you will be able to find the ideal bouncy castle to match your needs. So why wait? Browse our selection of bounce houses today and find the perfect one for your next event.

Water Slide Rentals

The Water slide category has all the wet and slick slides needed for a thrilling event! Water slide rentals offer an exciting range of wet and slippery slides. Inflatable slides are perfect for creating an exhilarating event! Watersides provide endless fun for all ages. Classic slip n' slide brings an extra touch of nostalgia to your gathering. Water slide rentals elevate your outdoor experience, ensuring smiles and laughter. These slides are perfect for those hot summer days when everyone wants to stay cool while having a blast.

Our water slides come in different sizes, shapes, and themes to help you find a perfect slide. We have single-lane slides for smaller events and double lanes for friendly competition. We even rent giant slides for larger crowds. Some slides have water features like pools and waves on the drop. Our slides can accommodate both kids and adults, ensuring everyone has fun.

Water slides excite a backyard party, school event, or corporate gathering. Book one of our fantastic water slides today and prepare to splash at your next event!

Dry Slide Rentals

We have a separate dry-use blowup slides category. These inflatable slides work indoors or when you don't want to involve water. These dry slides will provide endless entertainment without getting anyone wet. This distinct category will make finding the perfect inflatable slide much more effortless. 

Need a more extensive selection? You are in luck! Our wet slides allow use for dry events without water.

 Inflatable Combo Rentals

Inflatable combo rentals have revolutionized how children have fun at parties and events. They offer unique combinations of sliding and jumping activities that amuse the young. One of the most popular categories in this domain is the inflatable moonwalk combos. The inflatable moonwalk combos category is for kids who want the best of sliding and jumping. Kids get the best of both worlds! They can enjoy adrenaline-filled slides and the thrill of bouncing up and down. These moonwalk combo rentals are versatile. Their versatility makes them perfect for any winter or summer event. You can use blowup combos for either a wet or dry event.

 Over the years, moonwalk combo rentals have become the go-to rental option. Rent one for backyard parties, children's birthday parties, or other summer events. Parents and organizers appreciate the convenience and value for the money. Getting two different forms of entertainment in one package is budget-friendly. Moreover, the inflatable combos are about more than just fun. They also contribute to the physical activity and development of the children. They encourage kids to socialize, compete, and learn valuable skills.

 An inflatable combo can encourage physical activity in an age where technology dominates recreation. The demand for inflatable moonwalk combos continues to soar. More and more people recognize their immense entertainment value. Inflatables can positively contribute to a child's holistic development. Add a touch of excitement and magic to your next event. Rent an inflatable moonwalk combo rental and witness the kids jump for joy with laughter.

Obstacle Course Rentals

The obstacle course category is for those that say, "Bring on the competition. Obstacle course rentals are perfect for bringing life and excitement to any event. They promote friendly competition among your guests. For those who say, "Bring on the competition," the obstacle course category is for you. It offers various blowup obstacle course options. Obstacles are ideal for corporate events, teams bond and connect over exciting challenges. Obstacle course protestation fosters camaraderie and boosts morale. The interactive nature of these courses ensures participants of all abilities join. Create a lively and engaging event with Obstacle Course Rentals. 

Customers who have taken advantage of these rentals are raving about the positive impact on their events. They praise the unique and captivating experience they provide. These rentals have everything from giant slides, and challenging climbing walls, to exciting mazes. Rental packages allow for customization and flexibility to suit your needs best. The variety of options available in our inventory caters to many different preferences. The choice is yours; all left to do is step up to the challenge and bring on the competition.

Inflatable Games Rentals

 The Inflatable game category adds extra fun and excitement to your event. Inflatable Games Rentals are rapidly gaining popularity. They serve as a perfect addition to any event. Games are a must, be it a family reunion, birthday party, theme party, or corporate gathering. One primary reason for this surge in demand is the variety of fun carnival games. Party equipment rental has never been more entertaining. Inflatable games bring life and laughter to guests of all ages. They blend into the event's theme. Imagine adding a basketball shootout at a sports-themed birthday celebration. The possibilities are endless!

 Event rentals are now a breeze, as Inflatable Games Rentals provide top-quality amusement. This makes it simple and convenient for hosts to include them in their plans. Games are especially good for family reunions; they can help create precious memories. These games can accommodate various themes and guarantee attendees an interactive experience. When hosting a superhero-themed birthday bash or neighborhood carnival, Inflatable Games will enhance.

The exciting world of Inflatable Games Rentals is revolutionizing event planning. These rentals are a winning choice when it comes to guest activities. They make the process an enjoyable and stress-free experience for hosts. Inflatable Games Rentals are a valuable asset in the event-planning realm.

Carnival Food Concessions Rentals

Party foods category to satisfy both a sweet tooth and salty food lovers. Carnival food concession rentals have become a solution for party planners. Hosts can satisfy the cravings of their guests with a delightfully sweet and salty treat. Hosts can effortlessly cater to a large crowd by choosing high-quality food equipment. Most popular rentals include popcorn, snow cone, and cotton candy machines. Bring the thrilling, nostalgic atmosphere of a carnival to your event. These machines are also great for wedding rentals, providing guests with unique treats.

Customers who have utilized these party supplies rave about their convenience. They are impressed with the quality of these machines. Commercial-grade concession consistently produces delicious and crowd-pleasing carnival foods. This ensures that the fun doesn't stop. Place your concessions under a canopy or tent to guard against unpredictable weather. This allows food production to continue rain or shine. This added benefit is beneficial for outdoor events where the weather can be a concern. Hosts can quickly create an appealing concession stand with all the options. A cotton candy machine is excellent for a carnival-themed event. Outdoor movies might almost require a movie theater popcorn maker. Snow cone shavers are available to rent for any hot weather event. Each concession rental comes with a table, providing a sturdy space to operate. Embarking on this catering option will genuinely elevate your event. 

 Rent Specials

 As the top rental company in Florida's Flagler County, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch inflatables at unbeatable prices. The rentals offered include everything you need to host an event. We can assist with any occasion, whether a fundraiser or a fun day with friends and family. Take a chair and check out the discounts on our specials page for fantastic deals. When browsing our different category pages, watch for the special deals offered. We understand that cost is a crucial factor when planning any event. A good deal is critical when it comes to fundraisers. Events centered on raising money for good causes need discounted rates.

With our cheap yet high-quality rentals, you keep your expenses low while still providing the best party entertainment. Choose us for all your party needs. When you do, you will enjoy the convenience of working with a reputable rental company. We consistently deliver high quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction. All this makes your celebrations even more memorable and enjoyable. 

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