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Kids Carnival Palm Coast Florida

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Here is something kids, parents, and even grandparents are going to be excited about!  If your family has attended this event in the past, then I know, after seeing the photo above, you are already excited about this year's Kids Carnival.  For all the other families of Flagler County and surrounding areas, pay close attention.  This is not an event you want to miss.  Every year Christ the King Church hosts the biggest free entertainment event for families of Palm Coast.  This year marks the 10th anniversary, so it is sure to be the biggest and most fun year yet!

If your family attended last year, please leave a comment about your experience below.

What makes this one of the best Family Events in Palm Coast?

The best answer is you, your family, your friends, your neighbors and the rest of this community.  This is a true community event that reminds me of those small town carnivals you see in the old movies from the 50's.  The kind of event where the whole family comes together and bonds over good times and fun experiences.  Help to make the 11th year event more special by bringing more of what make this event so great.   Bring your whole family, invite your neighbors, and tell your friends to do the same. See all the event details below.

Kids Carnival in Flagler County

Kids Carnival in Flagler County

At this point any child reading this is thinking family bonding is great in all, but tell me about the really fun stuff.  Ok here it is.  Kids you are not going to know where to start when you see all that the Kids Carnival has to offer.  Do you start by jumping in a bounce house, having your face painted, or maybe you want to find the magician to see some magic.  Just when you know what you want to do first your eye may catch a really cool street performer you'd rather watch or a friend from school you want to race on the Giant Inflatable Obstacle Course.  I will tell you my personal strategy to get the most of this Carnival later in this article, for now here is a list of all the fun stuff I know will be at the Carnival.

Cheer Team Kids Carnival Palm Coast Florida

Cheer Team at The Kids Carnival Palm Coast Florida


So much fun for the kids. How will they get to do everything?

As promised above, here is my personal strategy.  You have to start out by arriving at the event early. After all, there are only 3 hours to do, see, and eat.  I know I am planning on doing a lot of bouncing, sliding, racing, seeing, and of course, eating.  When walking up to the event, everyone will first notice the numerous party inflatables.  There is no stopping me; that is where I am heading first.  After I have jumped in every bounce house, ran and climbed through the giant obstacle course, played in the inflatable playland, and climbed up and down that monster slide multiple times, I am going to be ready to eat some of the great food that is available every year.  After all the hard playing, I will enjoy some fresh Cotton Candy as I walk around watching the street performers, cheer, and dance teams.

Tell me your strategy or what you are most excited about in the comments below.

More important information is below the video:

Here is what you need to know about the Carnival (The Details):

Christ the King Church, in their continued efforts to improve the Carnival, has moved the date to February.  With this change of date, they are hoping for better weather. They also wanted to provide something fun for kids to do after the holidays are over.  Full Details below ad:

  • New Event Date: February 17 2018
  • Event Times: 11:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Event Address: Central Park, Palm Coast Town Center, 975 Central Ave, Palm Coast, FL  32164
  • Cost:  ALL ENTERTAINMENT IS FREE! Food and drinks are $1 each (Any proceeds raised from the Carnival will benefit CTK's Teens to help cover costs for a special summer teen trip this year.)
  • Suggestion on what to bring:  Wear or bring socks to wear on inflatables, shoes that come off easily, and sunblock.
  • Host: Christ the King - Church Website

Plenty of volunteer opportunities exist to help make this local favorite the best yet! If you’re interested in helping with the Carnival, please contact our Kids’ Carnival Coordinator, Shakirah Cousins, at:

Did you go to the Kids Carnival last year or hear about it from someone else?  If so, please comment below and tell your community about your experience below.


Some of the Inflatables at The Kids Carnival Palm Coast Florida

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