Rent The Best Party Rental in Ormond Beach At Bounce Party Rentals!

When you rent from the best party rental company in Ormond Beach, you get the best. It is that simple! You can expect and will receive the best event service and equipment! We rent the best inflatables and keep them cleaned and sanitized between each rental. Bounce Party Rentals is fully Licensed and insured. 

We know children's most precious memories happen at birthday parties and family events. It is an honor that you are considering Bounce Party Rentals to be a part of that experience.

Ormond Beach's Largest Selection Of Inflatable Rentals!

If you're looking for the perfect party rental in Ormond Beach, look no further! We proudly offer the largest selection of inflatable party rentals in the area. You can be sure to find the inflatables you need to make your event a success. Our range of inflatables includes a variety of options. Blow-ups include water slides, bounce houses, obstacle courses, and carnival games. All our inflatable rentals are perfect for adding excitement and fun to any occasion. For an even more enjoyable experience, we also offer carnival game rentals. Rent a carnival food concessions so you can munch on some delicious snacks while you bounce and play. Our large selection of inflatables offers everything needed to make any event unforgettable!

Inflatable Event Supplies!

Bounce Party Rentals is your all-things event supplies business in Volusia County. Over 100 party supply rentals. All are available to accommodate your next birthday party or community event. We can supply small or big events where people want a good time. Rentals include bounce houses and moonwalks for your kids to jump in. Do you need an inflatable waterslide to stay cool in the summer? Then rent a giant water slide or combo unit with a bounce house and slide. How about something more challenging? I suggest one of our super fun obstacle courses. Better yet, an inflatable game; we have them too!

Ormond Beach Water Slides Rentals Florida!

Renting waterslides in Ormond Beach, Florida, makes summer days exciting. You have come to the right place if you are looking for a simple slide or a thrill-seeking giant water slide. These water slides come in all shapes and sizes to fit every age group and preference. Slides are rentable for birthday parties, company picnics, and family reunions. They are affordable, safe, and, most importantly, they guarantee an unforgettable experience. Flexible rental options, choose from slides with or without a pool. We even rent slip-n-slides. Make your next summer one to remember with Ormond Beach Water Slides Rentals!

Rent a Bounce House For your Ormond Beach House Party! 

Renting a bounce house is the perfect addition to your Ormond Beach house party. Bounce houses provide fun activities for all ages. This makes them an excellent option for kids and adults alike. They can be a social focal point that helps create lasting memories for your guests. Options range from traditional bouncers to elaborate moonwalks with basketball hoops and popups. You will surely find the perfect bouncy castle at Bounce Party Rentals for your party. You can rent bounce houses or castles for a few hours or days. Bounce Party Rentals offers flexibility when planning entertainment for your guests. Adding a bounce house takes the fun up a notch when throwing a birthday party, graduation, or any event.

Inflatable Combos: Bounce While You Wait To Slide!

Inflatable combos are an excellent choice for your next party or event. These units provide both a bouncing area and a water slide. One of the best things about inflatable combos is that they are relatively cheap. Combos are a deal compared to renting a water slide and bounce house separately. The cost of renting combos varies depending on location, size of the unit, and time rentals needed. When planning a Florida party, consider renting an inflatable combo water slide. Whether you rent a 3in1 (bounce, slide climb) or a 5in1 that adds popups, tunnels, and hops, your guests will have a blast!

Obstacle Course & Dry Slides Are Great For Big Events!

Obstacle courses and dry slides are fantastic entertainment options for big events. Rent them for large events like corporate, school festivals, and church carnivals. They offer an interactive and engaging way to entertain attendees and add fun to the event. Obstacle courses provide a challenging and competitive environment for guests. Guest can test their skills and endurance. Dry slide rentals allow for a thrilling and exciting experience. These attractions are perfect for team-building exercises, family-friendly events, and community gatherings. With various sizes available, obstacle courses and dry slides can fit any event space. They also cater to different age groups. These activities are a great way to create an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Interactive Games Rentals Bring Excitement!

Interactive game rentals are a great way to bring entertainment to any party or event. Are you looking for party equipment rentals in Ormond Beach, FL? Consider renting interactive games like basketball shootouts. These games are perfect for both adults and children. They get guests to be active and engaged. Keep in mind that some games may require tables and chairs for players to sit or stand at. Interactive game rentals are a fantastic way to liven up any gathering. Why not bring a bit of friendly competition to your next event? Rent some interactive games and let the fun begin! 

Carnival Foods Concessions Bring Smiles!

Carnival Foods Concessions bring smiles to events in the Ormond Beach area. Their equipment rentals make it easy to set up a delicious food concession stand at any party or event. Rent a carnival concession for a birthday party, corporate event, or wedding reception. We specialize in food concession equipment rentals. Some of our rentals include snow cone makers, cotton candy machines, and movie popcorn. Party equipment rentals near Ormond are affordable and easy to book. Or staff is always friendly and helpful. With Carnival Foods Concessions, you can be sure that your party or event will be a hit.


Inflatable Party Rentals Take Events to the next level of excitement!

Water Slides, Bounce Houses, and Games, oh my! No matter what type of event you're throwing, water slides, bounce houses, and games are always a hit! And with our inflatable party rentals, you can take your event to the next level of excitement.

Water slides are perfect for those hot summer days. Bounce houses will keep the kids entertained for hours. If that is not enough, add on some game rentals. There's something for everyone to enjoy, even adults. So whether a birthday party, a block party, or a fun get-together, inflatable party rentals are the way to go!

Bringing the fun to you is our specialty.

We have been bringing fun to families in the Ormond Beach area for over 15 years. Your special event is a big deal, so it is vital that everything goes smoothly. It is essential that your party equipment is set up on time and that it is clean and safe. Knowing and understanding this is essential to ensure your party runs smoothly. Bounce Party Rentals knows this because we are a local family with many family parties of our own each year.

The Most Experienced Party Rental Company in the Area

Our experienced staff will work with you to ensure your event is successful. Let us use our wide range of experience in event planning and executing parties to help you with your party. You can rest assured that your special occasion is in good hands. We have been renting party equipment in Ormond Beach for over ten years. Contact us today to learn more about how our party rental company can help you plan a successful event.


Incredible Deals On Party Rentals!

We offer incredible deals on party rentals in Ormond Beach. Our prices are budget-friendly and hassle-free. We offer a wide range of rental equipment for all types of events and occasions at affordable prices. Our customers can take advantage of our amazing discount deals. Discounts include half-off games, discounts for food concessions, and rotating seasonal specials. We take pride in providing the best deals on party rentals. Then we paired low prices with first-class service. Renting on a budget is our specialty! We can make your event unforgettable without breaking the bank. Take advantage of our unbeatable deal, and make your party one to remember!

Best Event Service Near Ormond Beach, Florida!

You've come to the right place for the best event and rental service near Ormond Beach, Florida. We offer an extensive selection of event rentals and party supplies. Party equipment rentals make any gathering or celebration a memorable experience. From birthday parties to large events, we rent the water slides, bounce houses, or games you need. Our customer service team delivers party equipment rental near Ormond Beach. You can focus on enjoying the festivities while we do the setup and pickup. We take pride in providing high-quality equipment rentals and customer service. Rest assured that you're in good hands with us. So, when it comes to the best event service near Ormond Beach, Florida, we've got you covered!

We look forward to helping your family have a safe and fun Event!

Your business is always appreciated when working with Bounce Party Rentals! All the safety precautions we know will help your event to be safe while fun. That includes proper staking and thorough disinfection units, to name two of the big ones. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to make your event safe and memorable. We look forward to working with you on your next Ormond Beach Party Rentals!

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