Smiles On Our Grandkids Faces!!

Dolphin waterslide rental wiht girl sliding down in Port Orange Florida

Looks like Grandpa and Grandma put some smiles on our grand kids face. Here visiting Port Orange Florida for the first time. Waking up to lots of sunshine I thought of an idea for the kids to enjoy the outdoors.  I called a water slide rental company to rent one of those inflatable water slides.  We were so lucky to find one that could delivered the slide in such short notice.

The grand kids could barley content their  excitement when the men showed up to set up the Giant waterslide.  They were looking out the front window waiting for the truck to pull up.  Then they just had to go outside to try to help.  Derek was screaming of joy, hurry Jake let's go help them set up the water slide. Who ever thought a 6 and 7 year old would be full of excitement to help set up the slide. They helped push the hand truck, hammer in the stakes and their  absolute favorite was they pushed the button that turned the blower on that inflated the water slide.  I think they told everyone that they pushed the button that inflated the slide at least twice and many more than that.  I have to say even I was amazed that such a big water slide could be set up that fast.  They had us setup and ready to slide less than two hours after I called, for that I have to truly thank Bounce Party Rentals.

This was their first time ever being on an inflatable water slide, not much bathing suit weather were they are from. The best part of the day was just watching my grand kids have the time of their life.  The sound of the laughing and thrill screaming was all you could hear for the rest of the day.  Before the slide came I thought those kids were low energy but after, well let just say I had no idea they or any kid would be capable of running around that much without Olympic training.  My grand kids love sea animals, so we picked a waterslide that had two dolphins on it which was ideal for them.  They must have thanked me 100 times, hands down the best thing I ever did for them.  I feel like they will always remember this day, and that is so important to Grandpa and Grandma.  I also have to mention that my son and daughter-in-law got to join in on the fun.  I have to add they definitely did not have the energy level as the kids but it sure was fun watching them trying to keep up.  So many laughs, smiles and memories not to mention I took tons of photos to add to my photo albums.

Looking forward to the summer when they plan on coming back to visit. I already started the countdown. We been talking about making a slide rental part of their yearly trip, think we will rent the slip and slide this year.  I hear my grand kids actually ask my son, when can we visit Grandpa and Grandma again and when he says not until summer vacation they so "that is too long."  So priceless, I love those kids, I can't wait to see those smiles and hear those laughs again. Thanks again Bounce Party Rentals!!!!

Dolphin waterslide rental wiht girl sliding down in Port Orange Florida

Dolphin Water Slide we rented for our Grandkids!

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