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Frequently Asked Party Rental Questions & Answers! FAQ!

Do you have party rental questions? Below are all the facts you need to know when renting from Bounce Party Rentals. We compiled a list of our frequently asked questions. Hopefully, the answer will provide all the information you need. If not, we love helping customers. Please send us an “EMAIL,” text, or phone call for more information. 

The information on this page also serves as the terms and conditions for any rental. Please read carefully before completing any reservation.

Are your inflatables safe?

Your child’s safety is our number one concern. We chose our units because of their safety features. They are constructed of industry-standard fire retardant vinyl. All bounce houses have an inflated safety ramp/step. Most units have blowback valves on our blowers and emergency exits. We tie down the units using the appropriate stakes (18 inches) or Sandbags. 
ADULT SUPERVISION IS A MUST! This will ensure that a few simple rules are followed and everyone has a FUN & SAFE time! There should be no problems if you adhere to the safety and operating instructions.

Do you carry commercial insurance? 

Indeed! We possess a $1,000,000.00 liability insurance policy. If desired and for a fee, we can add your organization, business, venue, or park as an additional insured.

Are your units cleaned and sanitized?

We are well acquainted with high-level sanitation standards. We implemented them long before the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Nevertheless, we are taking extra precautions to guarantee your family’s security. Rest sure, all our items will be rigorously cleaned before being delivered. 

Our cleaning process starts by leaving the inflatable in sunlight for 30 minutes to capitalize on natural disinfecting. We then thoroughly vacuum each inflatable. We finish by using disinfecting cleaning products from top to bottom. Above all else, our primary concern is your family’s safety!

How many kids can be in a bounce house at a time?

As a rough average, there can be six to seven kids jumping together. This depends on the children’s size. It is best to separate older children from younger ones inside the bounce house for safety. Some manufacturers will post this information on the side of the moonwalk. If you have questions about particular sizes of kids and units, please feel free to ask. All water slides hold one kid at the top at a time.  

What size bounce house or water slide is the best for my event?

The size of the inflatable depends on the number of guests attending, their age, and size. Here are some examples. If you are hosting a party for children five years or younger, a 13×13 bounce house would be suitable. On the other hand, if you have teens attending your party, a 15×15 bounce house might fit better. For bounce house events with many guests, the size of the children may not matter. Even if the event is for small children, you should rent a larger unit that can accommodate more people.

If you are hosting a water slide event for adults, renting a unit at least 18 feet tall is wise. A slip n’ slide is another excellent option for adults. Smally kids can use our smaller slides or even combos units. 

Please consider taking advantage of our mutable item discount. These discounts come in handy when you have a large guest list. Proper size inflatables at your event will ensure all your guests have an enjoyable time.

Is there somewhere I can see the prices of the party rental?

Yes, all of our prices are proudly displayed online. Please take your time to look throw our rentals. You will see the price for each item right next to it. We also offer discount prices. Please check out our discount party rentals here!

How long can I keep the inflatable?

Serving your needs is Bounce Party Rentals’ priority. Included in your rental price, we guarantee your rental will be set up and ready for use for at least 6 hours. We do our best to give you as much time as possible.

Would you like to reserve a Jumper for an extended time? We will be more than happy to accommodate you on a pro-rated basis. This is based on our ability. For each guaranteed hour after the free 6 hours, there will be a 5% fee. We will be flexible when working with you and your schedule.

Do you deliver, set up & pick up all party rentals?

Yes! We deliver and set up ALL of our party rentals. At delivery, we will ask you to show us the setup location. Next, for the power and water source if needed. We will then set up your inflatable. Before leaving, inspect all party rental equipment for cleanliness and safety. After your reservation time has ended, we will return to pick up all party rental equipment. This service is provided with every rental.

Can I pick the unit up?

Our staff is required to deliver and set up each unit. This is for the safety of the participants and to ensure a quality functional unit. 

Will the setup and take-down time be part of my guaranteed 6-hour rental?

Of course not! We will always arrive with enough time to set up your event before the start time. We will also not show up for pick up until after your guaranteed time. The opposite is true; we will give extra time before and after your guaranteed time in many cases. 

Can we keep the moonwalk overnight?

We are always pleased to accommodate overnight rentals when available. The unit must be set up in a secure location. Full weekend rental deals are also available. All Mutapul day rentals are discounted by 50% on the 2nd day and each day after. They will be dropped off by noon on day one. Then picked up after 5 pm on day two. Please call our office to explore any other delivery possibilities.

Is there a minimum order required for free delivery?

All our rentals come with free delivery to events in our free delivery area. We can offer free delivery to some of our paid delivery areas with larger orders. 

Can we come to see your inflatables in person?

We can arrange a viewing for a non-refundable fee. The fee is based on the size and time it will take to set up, show and take down each inflatable. 

Can someone inspect my event location before I make a reservation?

Yes. There will be a location-based inspection fee. The fee covers employee hours and gasoline expenses.

Is there an extra charge for holiday weekends?

There is no extra charge for holiday weekend events. However, some specials and discounts may not apply.

Is there an additional fee for deliveries outside of regular business hours?

There is a fee when available. We already start delivering at 7 am and pick up as late as 10 pm, so that fits the needs of almost any event. Maybe you need your inflatable picked up after midnight or before 6 am. Either way, we will always try to work that out for you. 

Where can inflatable rentals be set up?

Inflatable rentals can be set up in a variety of safe locations. It is essential to check the area for any potential hazards. Avoid things like fire ants, roots coming out of the ground, rocks, and doggy droppings. The ground should also be firm and relatively level to ensure stability. Don’t forget to look up and cut low-hanging branches in the setup area. Keep in mind that bounce houses and water slides are very tall.
Choosing a spot with a grassy surface for any setup is recommended. Grass naturally offers some degree of cushioning in the event of slips or falls. Rentals can also be placed on hard surfaces like pavement. Locating the space within 100 feet of power outlets is essential. 
Proper preparation will ensure everyone has a fun experience! Leave nothing to risk when it comes to your guest enjoying the inflatable rental!

What type of surface can the bouncer be set up on?

We can setup on most surfaces as long as it is pretty level. Inflatables can be installed on grass, dirt, asphalt, and concrete. Grass setups are always preferred, and they are the safest. Concrete or asphalt setup are available with proper notice. Dirt setups are the least desirable for the comfort of kids and our stuff. When a dirt setup is a must, we ask that you please put something for kids to walk on. We can’t set up on any stones because the constant friction will cause the vinyl to wear.

There must not be underground irrigation pipes, buried telephone cables, or electric lines in the vicinity of the setup. Please do not run sprinklers or mow lawns on the same day as your event.

Can inflatables be set up indoors?

Indoor setup is just as quick and easy as outdoor setup. The units are inflated by cold air, and there is no exhaust. The only consideration is that the unit’s height is less than the height of the ceiling. A gymnasium, auditorium, or any other large building would typically offer more than enough room.

Is there an extra charge if I have my party at a park?

There is a $50 delivery/pick-up fee for all park rentals and any locations other than a private home. We will require an hour window before and after the event for delivery and pick up. The renter must always be present while the rental is at the park.
Before calling us to reserve your park birthday party rental, you should do a few things. First, contact the park of your choice to book a pavilion. Next, make sure power will be available. Lastly, obtain the park’s email address to forward our insurance information to them. 

Will you set up at my apartments, rental communities, or a private home I am renting?

We can set up at a private home you are renting. You will need to obtain the owner’s consent. Please ask the owner if there are any underground items in the setup area to ensure our stakes do not hit anything.

Unfortunately, we cannot set up at apartments or any other rental communities. This is due to insurance and safety reasons.

How far in advance should I reserve my party rental?

As the saying goes, “the early bird gets the worm.” Long story short, the sooner is always the better. The earlier you make your reservation, the better. This will increase your chances of obtaining your first rental choice.

Party rentals are always rented on a first-come with-deposit, first-serve basis. Items can only be held or reserved by completing your deposit. Still, even when your event is right around the corner, we will do our best to accommodate your event.

Can I complete a reservation last minute?

We will always do our best to work with you, even if it’s a last-minute request. The good news is that Bounce Party Rentals has an extensive inventory of inflatables to rent. With so many options, we almost always have items available. Our ability to deliver to your last-minute events is solely based on staffing and timing. We will always do our best to include your delivery in our schedule.

If your event is within the next 24 hours, please complete the following steps:

1. Please fill out the online reservation form so that we have all of your information.
2. Follow up with a phone call to ensure we are working on your reservation immediately.

Do you require a deposit?

A 25% deposit is required to complete the reservation. Events at parks require a 50% deposit. Your reservation is not completed until after we receive your deposit. We kindly ask that if you decide to cancel your reservation, please let us know as soon as possible. This way, another child will not possibly miss out on the item they want for their birthday party. Your deposit will be refunded if you give at least 48-hour notice of cancellation. If you cancel less than 48 hours in advance, the deposit is non-refundable.

When is the remaining balance due?

Payment is due in full upon delivery before setup. Once payment is received, we will begin setup. If payment is unavailable at setup, we will do our best to come back later when payment is available. This is only possible if our schedule allows it. We are not able to wait for the payment due to other deliveries.

What types of payment do you accept?

For deposits, a credit card is required. We will send you a link to submit the deposit payment online. On the day of delivery, we only accept cash or checks.

Here is our check acceptance policy. A Florida driver’s license must be presented. The name and address on the check and licenses must match. All returned checks will be passed to the state attorney’s office, and a $50 fee will be assessed.

Am I able to make changes to my reservation?

Yes, you can make changes up to 24 hours before your event. Sometimes we can even make changes within 24 hours. All changes are based on availability. We will always do our best to accommodate you. 

What Is Your Cancellation and Rain Policy?

To cancel or reschedule, sufficient notice must be given. At least 48 hours before the start of your event is required. Cancellation of the event with less than 48-hour notice will result in a 25% cancellation fee. Cancellation after setup has begun forfeits any refunds, discounts, or rain checks. Any rescheduled event is subject to availability.
If the weather forecast is questionable for the time of your event, we can still setup if you choose. Please keep in mind no refunds, discounts, or rain checks will be given if the weather turns. For safety reasons, we reserve the right to cancel any rental due to rain, high winds (15 mph or higher), or other weather-related issues.

Can I view a copy of your agreement and safety regulations?

Of Course! Most of the information is already present on this fact page. Once you complete your reservation and deposit, we will email you a copy upon request.

How do I know when you will deliver and pick up my rental?

Event with standard drop-off time frame: Delivery and pickup will be within a 4-hour window of your event’s start and end time. We will contact you the evening prior to 9 pm to provide you with a more precise arrival time. If there is no answer, we will leave a message.

Events that opted to pay the fee for a smaller drop-off/pickup time frame: We will arrive within your hour window to start setup. We will contact you the evening prior to 9 pm to provide you with a more precise arrival time. If there is no answer, we will leave a message. You can see the time frame you selected above.

What should we do to get ready for our inflatable rental?

The first thing I like to tell people is “measure.” Make sure you know where you want your inflatable rental. Make sure there is enough room. Ensure the plugs you intend to use are functioning. We can run an extension cord through a window or under a door if needed. We need the correct amount of electric outlets to be on separate breakers. Outlets must be within 100 feet of the setup area.
The second thing is to mow your lawn one or more days before. Please do not mow on the same day or in the morning. This will help keep the moonwalk clean for your kids’ enjoyment. 
Please ensure that your yard area is clean and free of debris. Removing “doggie droppings,” sticks, and rocks is a must. For safety, no red ants can be present in the set area. Please turn off your sprinkler system before we arrive and during your party. 
We reserve the right to cancel if the setup area does not meet these requirements. Due to other events scheduled for the same day, please be sure that these areas are addressed before we arrive.

Will someone need to be present at delivery?

Yes, we need an adult present at delivery for many reasons.

What are my responsibilities during the party?

You MUST adhere to the safety and operating guidelines. A responsible adult must be present when the unit is in use. This person must know the safety and operating procedures and enforce them. You are responsible for keeping the unit clean and safe from damage. Ensure riders are under 140 pounds and under 15 years of age. The inflatable rental will not be set up unless the contract/liability waiver is signed.

Must kids remove their shoes when jumping or sliding?

Yes, all kids should remove their shoes inside a bounce house and on a slide. Even one child wearing shoes can be hazardous to the rest.  For the safety of all children involved, we ask all participants to remove their shoes. This is also a rule for the safety of our equipment.  

Do kids need to wear socks when inside a bounce house?

Putting on socks is a smart move. Socks will prevent dirt and bacteria from being spread around. This also helps to prevent the spread of foot fungus. Foot fungus can easily spread from person to person in an enclosed space like a bounce house. Overall wearing socks is more hygienic. Parents should ensure that their children are wearing clean socks when entering the bounce house. This is one of the best ways to keep the jump area clean and your kids healthy.

The watersides are much different. With watersides, socks are not required for obvious reasons.

Do we have to keep the inflatable plugged in at all times?

Yes. A fan keeps air circulating in the bounce house at all times. Once disconnected, they collapse. That is why we necessitate an electrical outlet within 100 feet of the unit or a power generator. After your event, we ask that you please leave your rental inflated until we arrive. We will inspect and properly deflate it when we arrive. Only in the case of high winds do we ask that you please turn off the blower to deflate the inflatable.

Is there a way to contact you outside of regular business hours if I need urgent assistance with my event?

If you urgently need to get a hold of us after hours, the best way to do so is to text your concerns to (386) 290-5220. Please include the nature of your emergence so we can start working to rectify your situation immediately. We will always check our text messages before anything else. Even after hours when events are in progress. Below is the most common call we receive that we are not responsible for but can easily help you fix.

What do I do if my blower stops working?

The most common call we receive is that the fan has stopped working. 99.99% of the time, this is caused by either your breaker or GFI tripping. First, try plugin something else into the same outlet as the blower. If this item also does not work, you know this is your power. We are not responsible for power; however, I can walk you through some steps that should fix this issue easily. First, look around to find other plugged-in items that no longer have power also. Unplug all of them and the inflatable blower. 2nd, reset your breaker or GFI. 3rd plug back in only the blower. 4th, do not plug back in other items or find a different outlet for them. This way, you will not overload the circuit again.  
Alternatively, you can also find a different outlet for the blower. Inflatable blowers require a dedicated 20-amp outlet. You may need to move the plug to another outlet. We find the washing machine is always the best outlet in the house.

Is there a cleaning charge, or do items need to be returned cleaned?

For general cleaning, take care of it. A cleaning charge of $50 to $2000 will be required if excessive cleaning is needed. Some examples would be Silly String, Food, Gum, Rust Stains from the water pump, markers, or paint. Cleaning fees are very rare.

Will I be refunded if I do not utilize the rental?

Not using the rental does not affect the work we need to accommodate your reservation. By the time we deliver your rental, we already have prep work time, fuel costs, and work hours invested. We have also lost the ability to rent your inflatable to other customers. After pickup, we will still need to reinflate at the warehouse to clean and sanitize the unit. For these reasons, after obtaining delivery, payment is required. We are also unable to be refunded.

What is the fee if we damage or lose a piece of rental equipment?

When we rent out our party equipment, we anticipate it will be returned in the same state as when it was given. All equipment should be safeguarded from theft or damage. Of course, except for expected wear and tear. If any equipment is destroyed due to negligence or goes missing, we expect reimbursement of the cost of replacing the item promptly.

Do you rent party rentals near me? 

Our delivery area is Volusia County, Flagler County, and St. Johns County. Our website also has party rentals available in Seminole County, Orange County, and Osceola County. For other Party Rentals In Other Counties, Click Here

Where do we offer free delivery?

FREE delivery to most homes is within the cities of:
Beverly Beach
Daytona Beach
Daytona Beach Shores
DeLeon Springs
Flagler Beach
Holly Hill
Lake Helen
Orange City
Ormond Beach
Ormond by the Sea
Painters Hill
Palm Coast
Ponce Inlet
Port Orange
South Daytona
There is a $50 charge for the following cities:
East Eustis
New Smyrna Beach
Oak Hill
There is an $85 charge for the following cities:
Butler Beach
Crescent City
East Palatka
Oak Hill
South St Augustine
St Augustine Beach
Vermont Heights
Delivery to the cities with delivery charges must be set up in a safe place. We may need to set them up the night before or pick them up the next day. There is a $200 minimum before delivery fee. Delivery to all areas is not always available.
Other Areas:
Other Areas Click Here

Do you offer any Discounts?

YES!! Check out our discount party rentals page!

Military Inflatable Rental Discount: To receive our 5% Military discount, please do the following. “EMAIL your Military id and another form of id with the same party address shown. This must be done at least 24 hours before your event.

Discounts may not be available in holiday weeks. That includes any current online specials. No discounts will be applied to non-residential events and events in our delivery fee areas.

Do you Offer Donations?

Being an inflatable rental business, we are continually approached by charities for donations. As much as we would love to donate to everyone, that is not possible. Unfortunately, the advertising benefits from these events are minuscule. However, we can still extend a discount to charity groups in exchange for some forms of advertising. We are also willing to negotiate a trade-out if appropriate. Please fill out the donation request form to receive a quote on the discount we can offer.

Please include any advertising offered online in the event in the comments sections.