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Bounce Party Rentals is the ultimate destination for kids' entertainment! We specialize in everything bouncy and inflatable for children's parties, events, and gatherings. Look at our comprehensive selection of bounce house rentals. The many bouncer choices cater to diverse tastes, ages, and preferences. In our extensive inventory, you will find a plethora of moonwalks, jumpers, and inflatable attractions. All rentals provide endless fun and entertainment for children. Access detailed information, images, and 3D views by clicking on any inflatable image. Some pages even show videos demonstrating each bounce house in action.

Our moonwalks rentals are ideal for adding an exciting element to any event. They allow kids to jump for joy as they bounce the day long. Among our collection, you will find the best bounce house options suitable for various party themes and age groups. From colorful generic inflatables to those featuring popular cartoon characters, sports, and adventure themes, your perfect bounce house awaits.

At Bounce Party Rentals, we know every celebration should be special and unique. That's why we tailor our inflatable bounce house rental service to meet the individual needs of our clients. No matter their preferences or budget, we can accommodate them. We take great pride in offering the highest quality inflatables available today. We meet all safety standards for superior performance and an enjoyable, worry-free experience. Our experienced team is passionate about working with you to ensure your event exceeds expectations.

Bounce Party Rentals is the best place to rent to elevate your next event or party. The diverse array of moonwalks, inflatable attractions, and bounce houses are all backed by exceptional customer support. Our commitment to safety ensures that everyone will have a fantastic time. So why wait? Explore our rentals and start planning the perfect bounce house party today! We will help you create a memorable experience your children will treasure.

So Many Different Options to Rent - From Multi Colored to Themed!

With so many options, you can be sure your event will have the perfect one to delight every attendee. At our bounce house company, we take great pride in offering your family the best selection of bounce houses to rent for optimal family fun! Our expansive inventory includes styles under two main categories: Multi-colored or Themed. Our multi-colored bounce houses are excellent for those seeking a classic and colorful option. Elevating any party into a jumping bean extravaganza. Alternatively, our themed bounce houses immerse guests in a world of imagination. Kids jump with their favorite characters, making for an unforgettable experience. For instance, our castle rental bounce houses transport partygoers straight into a fairytale. Moonbounce options offer an out-of-this-world experience. And for those who prefer a bit of gravity-defying fun, the spacewalk-themed bouncers will be a hit. Our bounce houses will make your party stand out regardless of your choice.

Multi-Colored Bounce Houses!

When planning a fun-filled event, there's nothing quite like adding the excitement of a multi-colored bounce house. We rent the classic multi-colored inflatable, perfect for all occasions. It's easy to see why they are the most popular. Multi-colored bounce houses are unisex, fit in with any theme, and keep everyone happy. This makes them the ideal addition to a large church carnival, fun school day, corporate events, and fundraisers. These vibrant, versatile attractions can transform any gathering into a jumping bean party. This instantly increases the energy and enjoyment of all in attendance.

To ensure the best possible experience for your guests, choosing a high-quality inflatable for your event is essential. That's where our premier bounce house rentals come in. We take pride in providing the most impressive and entertaining inflatables. You get a fantastic addition to your event when you rent one of our multi-colored bounce houses. The bouncers are reliable, safe, and top-notch products. They have all been professionally maintained and inspected.

So, when planning your next inflatable party, rent a multi-colored bounce house. These inflatables will make your event fantastic. Want a multi-colored bounce house and watch as it brings joy and laughter to everyone inside! with their universally appealing design, infinite entertainment value, and undeniable character?

At Bounce Party Rentals, We Rent Themed Inflatables!

At Bounce Party Rentals, we strive to make every event an unforgettable celebration. That is easy when you rent from our incredible selection of themed inflatables! We understand that children have diverse interests and preferences. We carry only high-quality and fully licensed themed inflatable rentals. Each of our themed units boasts beautiful full-color artwork, making them ideal for when your birthday boy or girl has a particular theme in mind. Imagine the excitement when your little girl exclaims that she wants a Disney Princess moonwalk, and it arrives at her birthday party. We have the perfect Little Mermaid, Princess & The Frog, or Tinkerbelle Fairies jumper waiting for her!

For superhero enthusiasts, we have an impressive range of choices, such as Justice League and Avengers theme jump houses. Star Wars fans can indulge their passion with a Starwars party. Disney devotees will adore our Mickey Mouse Club House inflatable. With so many themes available, there is something for everyone. Themes ensure that events become a memorable experiences filled with joy and laughter.

At Bounce Party Rentals, we take pride in transforming an ordinary party into an extraordinary adventure. Accomplishing this is effortless through our themed inflatables Rentals. So let your child's imagination run wild and allow us to bring their dreams to life. Please choose from our remarkable selection of premium, themed, inflatable rentals!

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Bounce House?

To accommodate families on a budget, we offer various discounts and specials. We make renting these blowup attractions fun and affordable for any event. The cost to rent a bounce house can significantly vary depending on several factors. The bounce house's size, the rental's length, and the event's location all can play a part in the final price. Additionally, the rental fee may differ based on the theme you choose for your bounce house. Specific themes may be more popular than others at the time of your event. For instance, if a new Frozen movie is out, then the Disney Frozen bounce house might be in high demand.

Attraction rentals not only include bounce houses but feature other high-quality inflatable options. Rentals such as obstacle courses, slides, and interactive games suit every preference. Combine any of these inflatables with a bounce house to enhance the experience. To make that affordable, mutable item rentals include discounts. We provide party packages that include various inflatables. Packages may include discounts for multiple inflatables or bundle deals with other-party supplies. The goal is always to offer customers the best possible value.

Party equipment, such as food concessions and carnival games, can ensure the smooth running of your event. This will allow you to focus on having a great time with your guests. Our team delivers the highest quality equipment and service to ensure the best party experience possible. In doing so, we have gained a reputation for being the go-to rental service for countless events across Florida.

Teens and Adults Jumping inside a bounce house rental

Is A Bounce House The Same As A Moonwalk, Jumper, or Bouncy Castle?

Have you ever been to a birthday party, fair, or event and heard people referring to a bounce house as a moonwalk, bouncy castle, or other names? We get asked often, "Is a bounce house the same as a Moonwalk?" or "Is a bounce House the same as a Bouncy Castle?" I can go on and on! It can be confusing, especially if you're looking to rent one. But don't worry, they are all the same thing! It's Incredible how one inflatable can have so many different nicknames. Still, it just goes to show how much people enjoy them. People love to give a nickname when something is so much fun!

Whether you call it a bounce house, moonwalk, or bouncy castle, one thing is certain - it's always a great time! I am here today to help everyone and let you know that all the below are the same as a bounce house! So next time you come across one, don't hesitate to jump in and have fun.

The Most Popular Nickname Is Moonwalk. Our Family Calling Them This When We Were Young!

Moonwalk, it's a nickname that has become synonymous with inflatables. It's a name that evokes memories of childhood parties and fun-filled afternoons spent jumping to new heights. It's a name our family grew up calling these beloved bouncy structures. There's something about the way the moonwalk propels you into the air. This gives you the sensation of weightlessness that makes it so thrilling. And while there may be many other nicknames, we will always fondly remember and refer to these classic inflatables as moonwalks.

Some variations of Moonwalks have come around over the years, like Moon BounceSpace WalkMoon Jump, and Moon Jumper.

Bounce houses have been a staple of outdoor parties and events for decades. Did you know these inflatable play structures have different variations? The Moon Bounce, Space Walk, Moon Jump, and Moon Jumper are all variations of the classic bounce house. While they may have other names, they all share the same basic principle - a large, inflated surface that allows kids (and adults!) to jump, bounce, and play.

Some Variations Of Bounce Houses used often include BouncerBouncing HouseBouncy HouseParty HouseJump HouseJumper House, and Jumping House.

Blowup Bounce Houses, also known as Bouncers, Bouncing Houses, or Party Houses, are beloved by kids. These inflatable structures come in various shapes and sizes. They have become a staple entertainment for children's birthday parties and other events. Jumping, bouncing, and flipping around inside these colorful castles bring out the child in all of us. Some even call them Jump Houses or Jumper Houses. One thing is for sure these houses of cushioned joy will continue to bring fun and laughter for years to come.

Some people know them as Inflatable Castles; other names aroused, like Bouncing CastlesJump Castles, and Blow Up Castles.

The beloved Inflatable Castle, commonly called a bounce house, has captured children's hearts. Although the name may differ depending on who you ask, the joy of jumping and bouncing inside one of these structures remains the same. While some may know it as a Bouncing Castle, others call it a Jump Castle or Blow Up Castle. Whatever you choose to call it, there's no denying the fun and laughter produced by bouncing and playing in one of these beloved structures.

These things are for jumping, so it makes sense for people to use the word jump when deciding what to call them. So came the names of JumpersJumpy House, or Jumping Castles.

Jumping Castles, Jumpy House, Jumpers - these names all evoke images of bouncing, leaping, and soaring through the air. It's easy to see why we use "jump" when discussing these playful structures. Their inflatable walls and floors make them perfect for kids and adults to jump around and burn off some energy. No wonder they've become such a popular attraction at parties, carnivals, and events - who could resist the urge to bounce around like a kangaroo? So whether you call them bouncy castles or jumping houses, one thing is certain - they're made for jumping and fun for all ages. Rent a jumper rental for your kid's next birthday party, and you'll be their superhero!

Interesting Names We Have Heard Like Spacewalk, Jumpin Bean & Trampoline Rental!

Ready to jump for joy? One of our all-time favorite rental requests is for the Jumpin Bean, but not the kind you might think of. We're talking about the inflatable version resembling a giant bounce house. It's a scene that never gets old - a few kids bouncing around inside, bouncing higher and higher until they're practically flying. And let's face it, Jumpin Bean is the perfect name. Inflatable Jumpin beans are like magical jumping beans at the toy store that keep moving on the outside because of movement on the inside. It encapsulates the fun and energy of bouncing around in an inflatable castle. So if you're ready to add a little extra bounce to your next event, you know what to ask for!

Bounce houses, those inflatable playgrounds of joy we've all experienced at fairs and parties, often have peculiar yet intriguing names. One such peculiar name is "Spacewalk," which not only evokes a sense of adventure and exploration but also captures the feeling of weightlessness experienced within these bouncy structures, taking a simple child's play to an exciting cosmic experience.

We are also asked a lot for a Rentable Trampoline. This one needed to be clarified at first. We used to think people were asking for a hard trampoline; however, we soon realized this is just another name people call bounce houses.

So Many Nick Names We Lost Count!

I lost count of how many different names I gave you for the bounce houses above, and still, I am missing some. There was probably a new name used for the first time today we will not hear about until next year. The good news is that you now know bounce houses' most commonly used names. Next time your kids ask about renting a bouncy house, Jumper, Jumping Bean, or Moonwalk rental, you will know what they want. They are looking for good times bouncing fun at their party.

What Are The Best Inflatables to Rent for A Birthday Party?

For as long as I am sure anyone alive can remember, you can't have a birthday party without a cake; that has always been the case. In recent years, inflatables have become increasingly popular among children. Bounce houses have become a staple at birthday parties, almost equal to the birthday cake. Today kids expect to have a fun inflatable at all the parties and events they attend. Inflatable rentals have almost reached equal importance to the birthday cake. There are many different types of inflatables available to rent. However, bounce houses are the best option for most birthday parties.

Why Are Bounce Houses The Best?

Bounce houses have become increasingly popular in recent years, and it is easy to see why. These fun inflatables come at an affordable price point for anyone's budget! They are great for any event, big or small. Not only that, but they are incredibly safe too! Kids can get their energy out while staying safe inside a bounce house's soft walls and floor.

When you're looking for something special from a bounce house rental company. If you want high-quality inflatable fun at your next birthday party or backyard gathering. There's no doubt that bounce houses offer the entertainment to meet all your goals. From traditional shapes like castles to unique designs shaped like animals or other exciting themes, there's sure to be something for everyone. We rent what you need when choosing the perfect bouncy castle option.

Why rent a bounce house from a reputable company such as Bounce Party Rental? The top reason should be that we follow all safety protocols. Parents can rest assured knowing their children are playing in an inflatable designed with safety in mind. All equipment should come properly sanitized and inspected. Bounce Houses are super safe when rules are followed. Kids are bouncing on a soft service surrounded by soft walls. Safe for all ages. Of course, nothing is 100% safe when kids play; however, inside a bounce house may be one of the safest. Make things even safer by following all the safety rules. Last, they are very affordable. Bounce houses are the number one choice, cheap in price, never in quality.

Are Your Inflatables Cleaned, Sanitized & Safe With Covid Around?

Bounce Party Rentals is committed to providing customers with safe and clean inflatables. We have increased cleaning measures during this time of Covid-19 uncertainty. So Yes, our inflatables are cleaned, sanitized, insured, and safe with Covid around. We take the health and safety of our customers seriously. All necessary precautions to ensure our products are safe for use have been taken.

Our inflatables are cleaned and sanitized after each use. We have implemented additional safety measures to protect against the spread of Covid. As a family-owned and operated business, we know your family's health's importance. Please visit our facts page for more cleaning and safety information.

Do you offer free Bounce House Delivery Near Me?

We rent you a bounce house or help you find one anywhere in Volusia, Flagler, and Seminole County. We now offer FREE delivery near Palm CoastFlagler BeachOrmond BeachPort OrangeDaytona BeachHolly Hill, and South Daytona, Florida. We can also deliver to New Smyrna Beach and Edgewater for a small delivery fee. If you need a bounce house outside of these areas, no problem! We can still deliver to other parts of the state and country for an additional fee. We have several combo packages that vary in size, pricing, and rental time.

All The Best Local Event Equipment For Rent In One Location!

Suppose you live in any of the West Volusia Cities. In that case, you know how important it is to have a reliable source for party equipment rental. That's where we come in! We've made it super easy to find bounce house rentals near Deltona, Deland, Lake Helen, Orange City, DeBary, Deleon Springs, Cassadaga, Osteen, Pierson, Seville, and more. You can skip calling around every rental company in the area because we have them all listed on one convenient website. And even if we don't offer free delivery to your specific location, don't worry - we'll connect you with a top-notch event equipment company that does. Planning a party has always been challenging! All the inflatables available for rent in West Volusia in one place

We have done the same for the Orlando area! See all the event rental equipment available from the best Orlando area companies in one accessible location!

When throwing a memorable party for children, it can be tough to keep them entertained and engaged. Fortunately, our selection of inflatable attractions has you covered. While we offer classic moonwalks for bouncing fun, our offerings go far beyond that. From exciting obstacle courses that challenge kids' agility and coordination to giant inflatable slides that offer a thrilling rush of speed, there's something for every young adventurer. And for hot summer days, our water slide inflatables are the perfect way to cool off and have some wet and wild excitement. With our inflatable dry slides, you can even have fun sliding outside or indoors. All our inflatables are crafted with safety in mind, so you can rest easy knowing that your guests are having a blast while staying secure. Combine multiple party supplies and inflatable rentals together to receive a discount!