4th of July Party with an Inflatable Water Slide War Ship

War Ship 4th of July Party Water Slide Rental Ormond Beach

4th of July BBQ and Water Slide Party in Ormond Beach Florida

We had a very happy 4th of July party with my family at our home in Ormond Beach, Florida. At our party there was a big waterslide that looked just like a War Ship, party games, and lots of fireworks. To eat we had hotdogs and burgers grilled by my dad, some sides, and my favorite deserts. There were three whole tables filled with food but I hung out mostly by the desert table.  My parents invited some of their friends and let me invite some of my  friends from school and also my whole family was there.  I have a lot of cousins so we always have fun.

While it was day time we kept my bunnies outside in there play pen. People could go in the pin with the bunnies to play and pet them. Two of my dogs were partying with us in the back yard also, they were loving all the attention they were getting for everyone and scrap food. We had a lot of fun on the War Ship Waterslide, it was really cool because it fit in with the 4th of July theme perfectly.  Us kids were on it most of the day, I must of slid down it over 100 times, every way I could think of.  It was really cool because it looked so much like a real ship and the water slide is really tall.  At night time the adults decided they wanted to have fun on the slide with us.  We all did, I remember laughing so hard at my parents reaction to landing in the pool.  I wish we could have the water slide rental all the time, hope my parents rent it again this year!

Some people were in the house, some of the younger kids were in my room playing games and others trying to stay cool inside the air conditioned. Everyone came out side when the fireworks started.  My dad and grandpa bought some many fireworks and they the neighbors were shooting off a lot of fireworks at the sametime.  It was really neat to have all that just for us and they were so close it was scary some times but so cool. This turned out to the best 4th of July party we ever had!

By: Alexia Ross, age 9, Ormond Beach, Florida


War Ship 4th of July Party Water Slide Rental Ormond Beach

4th of July BBQ and Water Slide Party in Ormond Beach Florida

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