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Party Game Rentals - Interactive, Carnival & Backyard Games

 Party game rentals have become an increasingly popular way to add a touch of interactive, carnival-style fun to various events. Events such as birthday parties, community gatherings, or even fundraisers will all benefit when games are rented. At Bounce Party Rentals, we pride ourselves on offering a fantastic selection of exciting and unique games to suit all occasions. From timeless backyard classics to innovative new additions, our extensive range of games offers endless amusement. Rent games as standalone attractions or as part of a multi-activity package. Our flexible options and competitive pricing make creating the perfect event experience easy.

Our diverse collection of party game rentals includes something for everyone. Options include high-energy sports games, inflatable games, and casual lawn games. We even rent adrenaline-pumping laser tag areas. For those seeking an even more immersive experience, rent thrilling, interactive, and challenging obstacle courses. Test your guest's coordination, stamina, and balance in side-by-side racing.

When you rent inflatable games as part of a package deal, you can also take advantage of fantastic add-on discounts. These deals ensure that you get maximum value for money.

At Bounce Party Rentals, we understand that planning an unforgettable event means thinking outside the box. So, we are continually updating our game inventory with the latest and greatest interactive entertainment. This allows you to remain ahead of the curve and deliver a memorable occasion for all involved. With Bounce Party Rentals on your side, the possibilities are truly endless! Rent from the vast selection of carnival and backyard games we provide.

Competition Time With No Worries

As a fully licensed and insured rental company, we prioritize your safety. Our inflatable game rentals are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before and after delivery. We ensure that you can have fun without worries. Whether you want to take on an obstacle course or challenge your friends to a game of basketball, we have a variety of inflatable party rentals to suit any occasion. As a local family-owned business, we proudly supply our community with the best games for rent near you. So what are you waiting for? Bring some friendly, safe competition to your next event with Bounce Party Rental!

Rentable Games Make Fundraising Easy

There is no easier way to get people excited about donating to a good cause. Carnival game rentals make donating exciting. Donors will be thankful that they get the satisfaction of doing good and pleasure in doing so. Encourage more donations by offering prizes to winners. The rewards can be donated or lower-cost items. Everyone wins when you fundraise with carnival game rentals.

Corporate Events Team Building With Carnival Games Rentals

Rent Carnival games to build team spirit and morale at corporate events. Using them is a great way to add fun and excitement to your corporate event or team-building activity. They can help break the ice and get everyone interacting. Used them to promote healthy competition, teach new skills, and reward employees for their hard work. When choosing carnival games for your event, select ones appropriate for your company's culture and values. Team building always works best in a fun atmosphere.

Rent An Interactive Games To Bring Life To Any Event!

Renting interactive games will bring life to any event! Party Games are a great way to entertain guests and get everyone involved. From classic party games to new and exciting interactive games, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

So, whether you are planning a community event, fundraiser, or birthday party, rent an interactive game to enhance your events! Games will get people out there seats, talking, laughing, and creating lasting memories. Not only will the guest playing have a great time, but so will the spectators. Interactive game competitions are one of those party things people remember years after the party is over.

Breaking News! Lawn Games Are Coming to A Backyard Near You!

 Get ready for some outdoor party fun! Rent a lawn game for your backyard party. Lawn games are becoming increasingly popular among friends and families. They provide an enjoyable and interactive way to spend time together. These games are ideal for creating long-lasting memories as they are designed to bring out a competitive spirit. Great for backyard parties or any casual weekend. By opting for equipment rental, you won't have to worry about storage or maintenance, making having games at your event convenient. Whether playing giant Jenga or testing your aim with horseshoes, lawn games unite people. Gather your family and neighborhood friends. Rent a party game. Then embrace the beauty of summer while engaging in these enjoyable outdoor activities!

Best Party Games To Rent!

The best party games to rent are up for debate because needs will change by the kind of event you are hosting. Where will your party be hosted, and what is the location? What age is the game player going to be?

Sport Game Rentals To Great Games For Backyard Parties!

Sports games are an excellent solution to keeping guests entertained, engaged, and active. Whether you are hosting a Super Bowl party, a family gathering, or a company picnic, sports game rentals can cater to various functions. Sports games are also great for sport party themes. For instance, renting sports games can create the perfect atmosphere for football enthusiasts when hosting a Super Bowl party. For a more family-oriented backyard party, a toss game could be ideal for entertaining children and adults. In contrast, a traditional game of skill or team-building games might be more suitable for company picnics.

Regardless of the type of event you are hosting, a great outdoor game can bring people together. Games allow guests to bond and spend quality time with one another. Sporting contests are versatile and offer both competition and collaboration opportunities. They encourage teamwork and friendly rivalry. Physical activities can also inject excitement and energy into any gathering. There is something for everyone, with various sport game rentals available. Everything from traditional games of skill and team-building exercises are ready to rent. When renting a sports game, ensure a successful backyard party filled with laughter, fun, and engaging physical activities.

Rentals for All Ages - Adult Games & Ones For The Kiddos!

 Considering your guest's diverse age groups is essential when planning a party or event. This ensures everyone has a great time. Younger guests require easy-to-play games to keep them entertained. Adult guests prefer more challenging activities that test their skills and abilities. Bounce Party Rentals understands this need. So we offer a fantastic selection of games and party equipment suitable for all ages – from young kiddos to adult partygoers. Our extensive range includes giant inflatable games. These games guarantee laughter and fun. They are games of skill and cunning to keep the adults engaged and entertained. Our top-notch collection of rentals ensures attendees will jump for joy regardless of the event or celebration. With Rentals for all ages, you can be confident in providing a good experience for every guest.

Indoor Or Outdoor Event

The location should also make a big difference in your choice. After all, you cant throw lawn darts inside on the tile floor. We rent other great games that do work indoors. Yard game rentals are best to be kept as lawn games. Some jumbo game rentals can only fit outside or in a huge building. Some are perfect for indoor use. Games are available that can be used indoors or outdoors. Ask our friendly staff if you have questions!

Discounted Game Rentals For The Party On A Budget!

Throwing a party can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be if you take advantage of discounted game rentals. With up to 50% off game rentals, you can add fun and entertainment to your party without running up your credit card. Plus, if you rent an inflatable, you can add a game for a discount. Whether you want a cheap 2 player game or a giant game rental for 4 players, there are plenty of options. With games that accommodate 2 to 4 players, everyone at the party can get involved and have a good time. These discounted game rentals are perfect for anyone on a budget, and let's face it, who isn't? So, discounted game rentals are the way to add more excitement to your party without spending too much money. They guarantee a fun night for everyone and are a great addition to any party.

So Many Ways To Have Contests and tournaments!

Let the competition begin with a game event rental! We offer classic games that have been supersized to supersize the fun! Giant games that give a state fair feeling. Some unique and giant versions of arcade games and board games. Two players can play many for head-to-head competitions. Others even are four players for a full-on tournament. 2-player lawn game rentals are among the most popular competitions. 4-player joust and wrecking ball take matches to the next level. Single-player games are also available that can still be played with a group; the highest score wins!

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