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Congratulations on finding the best party service business in Bunnell, Florida! We can't wait to show you why! Bounce Party Rentals in Bunnell offers party equipment rentals complete with friendly service. If you have been to an event or birthday party in Bunnell, Florida, most likely you have seen our inflatables. Our Inflatables come from the best manufacturers to ensure we deliver a safe and fun Blowup inflatable to your event. We have served Bunnell schools, churches, and house parties for over 15 years. Bounce Party Rentals is the most trusted local rental company in Flagler County!

Browse our website to see our bounce houses, water slides, and obstacle courses. Then call us to set up your rental for your next birthday party or special event in Bunnell, Florida,

Make Your Party A Blast With An Inflatable Water Slide, Bounce House, Obstacle, or Combo Rental!

Your party being a blast is easy with a water slide, bounce house, obstacle, or combo rental! At Bounce Party Rentals, we rent equipment rentals near Bunnell. We offer the best bounce house and slide rentals to transform your event into a fun oasis. Whether it's a fundraiser or a birthday party, our slip-and-slide is a hit among guests of all ages. That is just one prominent example; continue reading for more. Or why wait? Call or reserve online today to take advantage of our exceptional services. All equipment is licensed and insured!

Fun Inflatable Water Slides To Rent In Bunnell, Florida 

Nothing says summer like an inflatable water slide! Our slides are perfect for any age and any party size. When looking for a small slide for a backyard or an enormous slide for a festival, we rent that. Our expansive variety of slides caters to children and adults. We rent a diversity of slides. Small inflatable slides are great for smaller intimate gatherings with little ones. Towering giant slides work for high-capacity or adult events. Some slides boast unique designs and themes. You can trust our selection to accommodate any occasion.

At Bounce Party Rentals, we know everyone deserves a thrilling time, regardless of age. With our extensive collection of slides, we aim to make every party enjoyable for all. Our slides prioritize safety and durability, allowing non-stop enjoyment without any concerns. All waterslides set up by our staff are done with safety in mind. Let us bring fun and safety to your event!

Safe Bounce Houses Rentals

A bounce house is a great way to keep kids entertained at any party or event. They're perfect for birthdays, graduations, block parties, and more. We have many bounce houses, including castles, moonwalks, and themed units. We only rent bounce houses built to be safe. Our bounce houses allow children of various ages to play, from toddlers to pre-teens. Some popular themes include Disney characters, superheroes, and famous cartoons. The sizes also vary, allowing you to choose the perfect one to fit the space at your event or party location.

High-quality materials ensure the durability and safety of all our bounce houses. Regular inspections, necessary repairs, and maintenance provide the safest environment for all users. Our bounce houses also have safety features like escape tops and no finger netting. Bouncers have an entrance/exit system requiring children to enter a small door. This prevents accidental falls or collisions. We provide secure anchoring systems for all bounce houses, ensuring they stay in place.

We offer wet and dry bounce house combos to accommodate all party requirements. Our wet bounce house combos have a water slide and a built-in water sprinkler system. All the pools inflate underneath the water for an extra soft landing. Our professional staff is available to help you choose the perfect bounce house. We handle delivery, setup, and take-down, making the process easy, hassle-free, and safe. Bounce Party Rentals is licensed and insured!

Exciting Obstacle Courses

An obstacle course is a great way to excite any party or event. These fun and challenging courses test participants' agility, speed, and endurance. They will navigate through elements such as tunnels, climbing walls, and slides. Our obstacle course rentals will make your event memorable. Blowup obstacles are perfect for birthday parties, school carnivals, or a fun weekend. Our obstacle course rentals are of different sizes to fit all skill levels and abilities.

Choose from a variety of options, such as:

  1. The Kids Obstacle Course for younger children features smaller, less intimidating obstacles. Still, they offer loads of fun and excitement.
  2. Standard Obstacle Courses are ideal for all ages. This course will challenge participants with its combination of climbs, slides, and other fun elements.
  3. Extreme Obstacle Course for older children and adults seeking the thrill. Be ready for high-intensity challenges with more complex and physically demanding obstacles.
  4. Themed Obstacle Course adds a unique touch to your event by choosing a course with a specific theme. Themes include a pirate ship, jungle adventure, Disney princesses, and superhero challenges.
  5. Inflatable playlands are bouncy, air-filled take on the classic obstacle course. They provide a safe and entertaining option for all ages.
  6. Team Building Obstacle Course inspires camaraderie and teamwork. Participants must work together to conquer challenging obstacles and achieve a common goal.

Our obstacle course rentals come equipped with safety features. Non-slip surfaces, padded walls, and proper netting help ensure participants are safe. We also offer on-site guidance to ensure the smooth operation of the obstacle course. Reserve your obstacle course rental today to provide an exciting and challenging experience. 

Large Blowup Combo Units

We offer many different combo units for rent. Some are very large and have licensed themes. Others are smaller and perfect for a backyard birthday party. Our combo units come in various sizes and designs to suit your needs and preferences. Here are some of our popular options:

1. Large-themed combo units display licensed themes, such as popular cartoon characters and superheroes. They are perfect for bigger events like school fairs, carnivals, or themed parties.

2. Medium combo inflatables offer an excellent option for medium-sized events. They proved fun attractions for kids while taking up only a little space. 3in1's include a jumping area, a climbing spot, and a slide. Some combos include interactive elements such as a basketball hoop or popups.

3. Small Backyard Combo blowups are designed for smaller backyard birthday parties. They offer kids a more compact yet fun option. They are typically featuring a bouncy area and a slide area. The smaller size ensures lots of entertainment without overwhelming your outdoor space.

4. Wet/Dry Combo Units: If you want to add a water element to your party, our wet/dry combo units are an excellent option. These units can be used with or without water, featuring a slide suitable for wet and dry use. They're perfect for hot summer days, allowing kids to cool off while bouncing and sliding. Most of our combos end in a pool.

5. Inflatable Playland combo units are for those seeking interactive entertainment. Our inflatable playlands combine the fun of a bouncy castle with the excitement of a giant playland. Kids can race through tunnels, climb over walls, fight popups, and slide. All this in one versatile unit.

All of our combo units are high-quality and possess all the safety available. We take pride in providing insured, clean, well-maintained equipment for your event. 

Fun Party Food Makers For Rent

Elevate your community events with our fantastic range of fun party food makers. These concessions are available for rent for backyard parties or large events! Our fun party food makers are ideal for your next community gathering. Delight your guests with a cotton candy machine that brings sweet nostalgia to any event. Let the aroma of movie theater popcorn fill the air as our popcorn maker pops the fresh corn. Beat the heat with our snow cone shaver, perfect for delivering icy refreshments. All concession rentals come with tables for the machines. We suggest renting chairs, a tent, or a canopy for added comfort. 

Great Deals Or Fantastic Party Rentals

The excitement of hosting a spectacular event often comes with a challenge. The challenge is finding great deals on a fantastic party rental. But fret not; our affordable options will allow you to throw an extraordinary event. Whether hosting a birthday bash or organizing a fundraiser, securing discounted party supplies is a must. From a bouncy house to keep the little ones entertained or a bouncer to ensure everyone remains safe. We rent an extensive supply of top-quality rentals at competitive costs. There are cheap packages with items like inflatables, food, games, and other essentials while offering discounts to sweeten the deal. With these irresistible offers available, you can rest easy. Know that you can add party planning to your skill set, all while remaining within your budget. So, begin your search for the ideal package. Prepare to make the most of your party with the help of an outstanding party rental provider.

Bounce Party Rentals Made a Commitment To Provide Customers With The Best Service.

Our goal is to make sure that your party is a success! Bounce Party Rentals Bunnell is always available to answer questions about our products. We are also always happy to with any other event planning needs. We will work with you to ensure we meet your needs.

When you're ready to rent a bounce house, water slide, or any party rental, we make that easy. Our extensive selection ensures you find the perfect rental for your kid's party. For more information on the services we provide, give us a call or send a message. To complete your party rental reservation fill out the easy online reservation form!

Providing inflatable party rentals to customers near Bunnell, Florida, since 2008

We take pride in the success we have had delivering fun near Bunnell, Florida, since 2008. From the beginning to today, we have offered party rentals at affordable prices. With many great reviews, we love knowing that past customers have all been happy. We also deliver to the nearby city of Palm Coast, Florida, just over the bridge to the Flagler Beach area! We always put safety first! We cleaned and sanitized our bounce houses after each use. So jump for joy knowing your family will be safe when renting from Bounce Party Rentals!

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