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We love helping wonderful customers like you with all of their party rental needs.  Since Bounce Party Rentals is not currently delivering to your area we have customized the search box below to make it the most accurate way to find a party rental company for you in your area.  It is simple, we already programmed in keywords to help you, now you just need to type in your city name and the item you are looking for.  So just type in a search word like water slide, bounce house or inflatable rentals and then add your city name and click search.  We wish you luck with your birthday party or special event.

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You were sent to this page because we currently do not offer rentals in your area.  However we are growing fast so check back for you next party or event.

Birthday Party Inflatable Rental Resources

We hope the customized search above helps you to locate the perfect party rental for your kid’s event.  We have been working with families to plan their parties for years and have some great tools right here on this website that we hope you will also take advantage of.   Here are some links that will better prepare you with giving your kids the gift of an amazing time at their party.  First check out our Birthday Party Idea Blogs for many great ideas for your event.  Here we share stories and ideas from past events, maybe you have an idea you would like to share.  Next, take the fun up a notch with some very cool games that can be played with your moonwalk or bounce house rental on our Party Games Page.  We have game ideas for the very young, elementary age and even for the middle school age children.  Last I would also suggest checking out our safety page, maybe this should be first since there is nothing more important than our kids safety.   We all want the kids to have a blast on party day and nothing gets in the way of that like an accident.  Inflatables have come a long way, some with very safe designs, still accidents can happen. Please visit our Safety Page for dos and don’ts that may save a child from an injury. This page is loaded with information on how to keep your party fun and safe for the little ones.

What to look for in an Inflatable Rental Company

We have received many emails and phone calls with customers asking us want to look for in an inflatable rental company.  Here are some quick tips.  As a consumer myself the first place I look is at the reviews.  Check the Facebook, yelp and Google reviews if their reviews are mostly good, then you probably have a good company.  I also always keep in mind that most happy customers do not leave reviews, however upset customers almost always do so a few bad reviews hold little weight to a lot of good reviews.  Always ask if the company is fully insured and for them to email you a copy of their proof of insurance, it is always best to make sure.  Were the employees all background checked, after all they will most likely be around your kids and their friends.  Find out how well the equipment they rent is cared for.  Do they clean and sanitize in between each rental, are they stored dry to prevent molding.  It is a bummer when your bounce house, water slide, obstacle course rental rips in the middle of your event and it is also a safety issue.  It is important that the company you are working with keeps up with their repairs, ask if the item you are interested in renting is in need of any repairs. We are putting together more information in a full blog post soon, for now we hope that the information we have provided will help you choose a good company.

Thank you so much for visiting our site, have a safe, fun, amazing, and exciting event that your child will be talking about with you and their friends for years to come!