Small Children's Party Ideas - Moon Walk Rental!

Bounce Like a... Game

  • Tell the children that every time you count 1-2-3 and then yell out an animal, they have to jump like that animal.
  • Try frog, kangaroo, or rabbit, then see what happens when you call out a lizard, bird, elephant, fish, or snail!!

The Giggle Game

  • Have one child lie down in one corner of the moonwalk, then have the next child lie down at right angles to the first child with his/her head on the first child's stomach. Have a third child lay down with his/her head on the second child's stomach. Keep on until everyone is lying down. Then have the first child say "HA." This will cause the second child to start laughing, then the third, then so on.
  • You may have played this one before, but not in a moonwalk!

Balloon Fun

  • Grab some balloons and toss them in the moonwalk with the children. They can bounce with them and toss them in the air.

Tumble Races

  • Have the children take turns with this one.
  • Line up four children on one side of the moonwalk and when you say "GO," they somersault their way to the other side, touch the wall (or net) and then lay down and roll back to the other side.

Red Light/Green Light

  • When you yell "green light," everyone bounces. When you yell "red light," everyone freezes.

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