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The Mini All Stars Basketball Shootout Game game is all-day fun for all ages!

Want to add some excitement to your event? Then Rent the Mini All Stars inflatable basketball game for nonstop good times.  This blow-up basketball game has style with its multiple bright colors and the words ALL STAR printed right on the side. How cool is it that this unit is designed to look like a high-top basketball shoe? Check out the shoelaces on each side!

Head To Head Shoot Out!

Two basketball players go head to head in this shoot-out game.  After each ball is shot, it gets returned via the return ramp under the rims. The rims are also inflated, adding a new challenge to making those 3-pointers. Make the most baskets in a minute or the most in a row to be the birthday party all-star! 

Rent Inflatable All-Stars Basketball Shootout Game

The Mini All-stars Basketball Game is Large enough to make jaws drop, but at only 8 feet tall and small enough to be able to fit indoors, just needs to have a little more room than the 10×10 feet the unit takes up in ground space.