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Inflatable Bungee Runs are so much fun! Your event guests will have an amazing time competing, running, and falling down in the Bungee Run.

Ready? Run fast and dig in. Get your Velcro marker as far up your lane as you can until you go flying back because there is a harness with a bungee attached behind your back. Run against your friends head to head, and at the same time, keep track of how far everyone gets to see who wins the tournament. Once you are strapped in, take advantage and try three or more times until you are too tired to go on.

Rent the Blow Up Bungee Run for your next big event or even a backyard birthday party! Kids or Adults can switch in and out of the harness in minutes, so many guests will be able to participate. Whether little kids can only make it 10 feet or an adult can run 35 feet all the way to the end, everyone will have a blast trying.  Since the rental is only 9 feet, it works great for narrower areas. Thirty-eight feet long by 11 feet wide with red, blue, and yellow exterior.