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Mega 70′ Obstacle Course Rental With Rock Climb And Slide

The Mega 70’ is a super large obstacle course, complete with a rock climbing wall and slide to finish.  Due to the big size, you can rent the Maga 70’ for any age group, from kids and teens to even adults.

The 70’ Blow Up Obstacle Course Battle

Ready, Set, Go! Battle side by side against your opponent through the many features of this 70-foot-long Blow-Up Obstacle Course. Run and dive through the starting tunnel to fight your way to the next obstacle of blow-up pop-ups.  After squeezing past the pop-up, get ready to army crawl or jump over and under classic sidebars.  Once you battle past the sidebars, it is time to find your way around the giant pop-ups known as football players for obvious reasons if you ever thought about trying to be a lineman to tackle a quarterback. Up the mini rock wall (don’t start thinking this is easy. There is a much bigger rock wall in your future) and have fun on the slide because now it is back to battling pop up and crawling in back-to-back tunnels.

Hope you still have some energy left because the big rock wall I promised you is here, and it is your last barrier to victory. Get to climbing. If and when you make it to the top, take a ride down victory lane on the slippery blowup slide.

Large Inflatable For A Large Event, Carnival, Or Festival!

So Big! Extremely Large! Super Humongous! This inflatable obstacle course will accommodate almost any crowd. When the kids are not racing, they can feel free just to run the course and try out the many obstacles.  The multicolored appearance makes this obstacle rental perfect for any party, carnival, festival, or event! This obstacle course rental is approximately 70 feet long, 10 feet wide 16 feet tall.  Brightly colored red, blue, purple, green, and yellow.

This Obstacle Course is too BIG! What are my options?

Love the Mega 70’, but it is too big, and you don’t have enough space, well you are not alone.  Luckily there are two smaller options! The 40 foot long Inflatable 7 Element Obstacle Course or the shorter but still super tall 30′ Dual Lane Rock Climb Slide