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70′ Rainbow Run Obstacle Course Rental

This Rainbow Run Inflatable Obstacle Course Rental is extremely long running 70’ long! Large features are suitable for all ages from kids to adults and with side by side racing lanes you can challenge your friends in real time! Rent the 70′ Rainbow Run Obstacle Course for your next birthday party or family event!

Racing through the Rainbow Run Blow Up Obstacle Course

Within the blow up 70′ Rainbow Run Obstacle Course you will find some very fun and challenging obstacles. The entrance may start with a soft flat bounce area but do not get too comfortable, the Rainbow Run is full of challenges.  Within feet you will need to duck and crawl through a rainbow colored tunnel.  Now you and your challenger will need to fight for space while squeezing past the two pop ups with extending side arm. Hurry to the top of the mini rock climbing wall and take a break while you enjoy your first slide on the other side. No time to rest, it is jumpy time.  Players will need to jump over a first side bar, then under the next and then jump another.  Fight your way through a set of classic side bars and through the 2nd tunnel. The big finish is here, race to the top of the tall ladder and then slide down, the first to the bottom wins.

Perfect Inflatable Obstacle Course for any Event

The 70′ Rainbow Run Obstacle Course earned its name due to its bright colors! The many beautiful colors not only make this inflatable eye catching but it also makes it a great center piece for any event. Large events like a church and school carnival are handled with ease. The line will keep moving with separate areas for entering and exiting. If you have the space maybe even rent for your next backyard party! This obstacle course rental is approximately 70 feet long, 10 feet wide 16 feet tall.  Brightly colored red, blue, purple, green and yellow.

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