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40′ Inflatable Backyard Obstacle Challenge Rental

Great rental for your next backyard or front yard party. The inflatable is nice and open for easy viewing by parents of kids playing inside and surrounded by a safety net to keep kids safe.  A lot of obstacle features packed into one inflatable.  Rent the 40′ Backyard Challenge Obstacle Course for your next birthday party!

This Blow Up Rental Is Cool For Two Reason

That is right, this rental is cool times two.  First, it is cool because well it is “Cool,” you know like the Fonz! Just look at its many cool features and stylish colors.  Pop ups galore, some of those pop ups have arms that are sticking off of them.  Some of them are vertical so you will need to jump over or duck under. One of the most exciting parts is the climb and slide area.  After the party guests are done taking a chill ride down the slide they will only need to crawl through the inflatable pipe to get to the end.

Second, this blow up obstacle course is cool is because it is covered with mesh netting to give some shade from the sun, some inflatables can get hot in the sun so that is why the 40′ Backyard Challenge Obstacle Course has mesh netting to help keep the bounce, climb and crawl area cool.

Obstacle Course Designed with Your Backyard in Mind

It is called the Backyard challenge because this obstacle course is designed to fit in your backyard and still be challenging. Has a lower profile to cut out some of the worry with trees. The size is approximately 40 feet long, 11 feet wide 12 feet tall.  Colors include red, purple and yellow.