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40′ long Obstacle Course with 7-Element Inflatable Rental

Rent the 40′ 7 Element obstacle course for your next medium size events. Small enough to fit in a backyard and long enough to be challenging. With seven different inflatable obstacle features, the kids will find plenty to do during the entire rental time, even when not racing.

Are you ready to conquer the 40’ and 7 Obstacle Elements?

Who will be the first and fastest to conquer the 40′ 7 Element obstacle course? Take advantage of two lanes to see in real-time who you are faster than or time your runs to see who has the fastest time of the day.  Start by jumping in the opening tube to the other side, then squeeze your way by some popups.  Next chose your strategy to move past the multiple log jams to the giant pop-up obstacle, this gets very narrow especially if your opponent is trying to squeeze through at the same time.  Now up the rock wall, you go to a satisfying slide on the other side.  Another group of classic pop-ups and crawl tubes to finish.  Did you win?  Is your time the best?

Great Obstacle Course for Backyard Parties

At 40’ long, this obstacle course is just the right size for most backyards.  With its many different vivid colors, it will be hard to pick a party theme the 40′ 7 Element will not fit right into.  Be sure to measure the setup area since the measurements are approximately 70 feet long, 10 feet wide 10 feet tall to make sure there will be adequate space.  Radiantly colored red, blue, purple, green, and yellow.

What if this Obstacle Course is Too massive to not massive enough?

You want to rent the 40′ Obstacle Course with 7 Element however it is too massive, and your backyard falls a little short of space, or maybe you have the room needed plus more, so you want to go bigger.  Either way, you’re covered since this inflatable obstacle course has a smaller and larger option! View the Larger Mega 70′ larger Obstacle Course or, the smaller 30′ Rock Climb Obstacle