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30′ Rock Climbing Obstacle Course & Slide Rental

When considering an Obstacle course to rent, there are a lot of things about it. If you find yourself asking, “What is the biggest obstacle course I can fit?” Then consider the 30′ Rock Climbing Obstacle Course with Slide rental for your next party or event. The 30′ Rock Climbing Obstacle Course is great for events with a niche need of big fun in a small setup area.

Challenging to The Top, Rewarding on the way back down!

Take the obstacle rock wall challenge by yourself or with a partner. It is a tight squeeze in the beginning when crawling under the opening of an inflatable loop; then, when everything opens back up, you are faced with the inflatable rock wall challenge of a lifetime. For the adventurous players, set the rule of no handles. For players in need of a little assistance, feel free to take advantage of the handles available in between every rock peg.  When you reach the top take a deep breath and ride down for a rewarding time on the tall and fast inflatable slide.

Small Footprint for a Tall Inflatable Rock Wall Slide

Want to rent a tall rock wall slide with some obstacle features but only have a small amount of space? Then the “30′ Rock Climb Obstacle” might be made for your event.  With a footprint of only 30’x10’, the unit still stands at about 16 feet in height.  From small birthday parties to larger events, this rental will deliver the good times and keep the crowd moving. Many kids can use this unit in a short time frame due to the time it takes to run this obstacle course and the entrance and exit being on opposite ends.

The 30′ Rock Climb Slide has four obstacle elements and five bright colors. The size is approximately 30 feet long, 10 feet wide 16 feet tall.  Colors include red, blue, purple, green, and yellow.

Mega Size The 30′ Rock Climbing Obstacle Course to a Larger Blow-Up!

Imagine if you can add more obstacles to the 30′ Rock Climb Obstacle and then take a look at the Very Big Mega 70′ Obstacle Course to see your imagination come to life.  The Mega 70’ adds an additional 40 feet to the 30-foot-long Rock Climb Obstacle and many extra obstacles.