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The Wrecking Ball is an extremely interactive and eye-catching inflatable! Not only will the player be immersed in this highly competitive competition, but they will also surely attract a large crowd. Rent the Wrecking Ball inflatable for your next large event! 

Don’t Get Knocked You Down

Up to 4 players can compete against each other at one time.  The game starts with each player climbing onto the inflatable and then on top of the four inflated pedestals. Participants then try to grab the Wrecking Ball hanging in the middle of the arena.  The object, then, is to hurl the ball at your opponent in an attempt to knock them off their inflated pedestals. Each participant will continue to try to grab the wrecking ball as it swings in order also to try to knock off the opponent. The last participant still standing is the champion!

Rent The Wrecking Ball Inflatable

With this unit almost a 30-foot circle, you have to make sure you have enough space if this will be used for a back year birthday party. The wrecking ball inflatable is often rented for large events like School festivals, church carnivals, company fun days, and picnics. Rent this Blow Up for your next event!