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Right Foot Red, Left Hand Blue! We all know this twisting game. Now rent the giant inflatable version of this classic game for your birthday party or large community event carnival! This blow-up is big enough for ten people to play, unlike the classic version that only allows four players at a time. The total max weight is 1500 pounds, so adults can join the kids in this game!  Still, the unit is small enough at about 16×16 feet so that you can bring it into the house if you want to! Get ready to laugh and giggle with friends as you Stretch, Reach, Bend, and Twist your way to victory!

Wobbly Mat Adds An Additional Challenge

Bringing inflated is an ingenious twist on this twisting game because now, when everyone falls, instead of hitting the hard floor, everyone is bouncing on a soft inflated mat. Also, the wobbly mat adds an additional challenge.

How To Play The Twisting Game Rental

Everyone jumps up on the mat and waits for the game host to call out a color and body party. The host then spins the large wheel included with the rental once it lands on a color, and the body part is called out to the players. The player then must place that body part on the color called out.  Sounds easy, right?  Just wait until you are reaching for a color that you can only get to by twisting your body in a way that is just not meant to twist, then the fun begins.  Try not to fall because when you fall, you are eliminated.  The last to fall is the Winner!