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 Bring everyone’s favorite game in the arcade home when you rent the Streetskee Carnival Game. A skeeball game that will fit on top of a table and can be played indoors or outdoors.

Be The Skeeball Wiz

The Streetskee Carnival Game is simple to play but challenging. Roll the three balls one at a time and try to get them all in a different hole. The trick is that the hole gets smaller and smaller as they get further away. Land a ball in all three holes, and you are the wiz. Come closer to getting in all three, and you are the winner.  The game gets to be more exciting when there is a tiebreaker, and it comes down to two players going back and forth until someone wins a round.

Streetskee Carnival Game Rental For The Arcade Feeling

The game is 23 inches by 70.5 inches, so it should fit on most tables and can be moved around if needed. The Streetskee Carnival Game rental will add the arcade feeling to any event.