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Who Has Soccer Fever? If you don’t yet, you will once you start playing Inflatable Soccer Fever Game Rental. The fever will start at first sight when you see the giant inflatable soccer ball 12 feet in the air above this game and the 3D images of soccer balls on each side. The fever will reach critical mode once you start kicking soccer balls into the hole of the beautiful backdrop with a soccer theme image.

Who Wants to Play A Game of Soccer?

This blowup game is perfect for any team celebration or soccer-themed birthday party. Promote health and competitive activities at your school carnival or community event!

So Easy To Be A Champion!

This game is good for large crowds because it has two sides to play in one, and you can play solo or in teams in each area.  Go head to head. The champion is the first player to kick three soccer balls in the holes.  Pick a player to play defense to add to the already challenging game.

Rent The Blow Up Soccer Game

When you rent the Blow Up Soccer Fever Game Rental, you will also be supplied with enough soccer balls for both sides.  This blowup game is very large and stands 12 feet high, it is 16 feet wide and 12 feet wide.