Shooting Stars Inflatable Basketball Game Rental

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The best center piece you could ever rent is the Inflatable Shooting Stars Basketball Game?  This Blow Up basketball game is full of bright colors and 3D imagery.  Two larger then life 3D basketball players are on each side of the inflatable holding a basketball 17 feet in the air. What more can any  future NBA basketball star ask for at his birthday party?

Go Head To Head on This Inflatable Game!

Nothing draws a crowed like a basketball shoot out! Two players go head to head.  Time it, who can make the most baskets in a minute and who can make the most baskets in a row.  The Shooting Stars inflatable basketball game comes with multiple balls for each side so the fun will keep coming. After shooting each ball it then rolls back to the player the be shot again and again.  High walls on both sides prevents any balls from exiting the game. Make the most baskets The Be the MVP!

Super Cool Blow Up Basketball Games You Can Rent!

Next time you are having any event with a basketball theme be sure to rent the Blow Up Shooting Stars Basketball Game.  Great for team parties also! Standing 17 feet tall and with a footprint of 16×16 this rental will have sport lovers jaws dropping from far away!