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Fun and challenging! The Roller Bowler Table Top Carnival Game is just like the game you have played at the fair to win the big stuffed animal! Rent today for unlimited chances to be a winner by landing the rolling ball in the dip!

Do You Have The Finesse?

This game takes finesse. To win the Roller Bowler Carnival Game rental, you have to roll the ball over the first hill, but it is not that easy. You also have to roll the ball soft enough not to hit the back wall because if you hit the back wall, the ball will roll back over the first hill, and you will have to start again. The trick to this tabletop game is to find the sweet spot.  With two rows, you can play against your friends.  Start at the same time and then see who will be the first to land their ball in the sweet spot. Rent the Roller Bowler Carnival Game for your next party or event!