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Rent the Ring Tossing Carnival Table Top Game for big fun at your next party, church event, or school carnival! We have all tried this game at our local fair to try to win a big stuffed bear. Rent the Mega Ring Tossing Carnival Game to bring that same fun to your birthday party or event. 

Win The Big Stuffed Bear

Players take turns or work in teams tossing the rings at the bottles. Who can figure out the technique for landing the rings on top of the bottles?  After all, rings are tossed, count how many rings have landed on top of the bottles. The player or team with the most rings around the bottles wins the big bear or any other prize you want to hand out to the winner.

Play The Mega Ring Tossing Carnival Game Anywhere

At only 23 x 70.5 inches, this game can be set up almost anywhere. Rent for your next family event or birthday party.