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Challenge your friends to the Gladiator pedestal joust! Each play will need to climb to the top of there pedestal and then use there giant soft joust pole to knock down your opponent.

Rent The Inflatable Joust For Your Party

Let the fun begin when you rent the gladiator pedestal Joust inflatable for your party or event.  Grab some fierce competitors for the tournament and get ready for battle. The blow up Joust holds two players at a time.  Each competitor will start by strapping on the included head gear and pick their weapon (jousting pole).  Once everyone is on top of their Pedestal and ready it is time to start jousting. Each gladiator should fight like they are in the gladiator area of ancient Greece.  Try your hardest to knock your opponent off their pedestal while not falling off your own. First to knock their opponent off wins and is on his way to being a gladiator champion.

Always An Amazing Time With This Blow Up

The inflatable jousting game is inflated all the way around to cushion the fall of all falling comrades of the area.  High school and college events love to rent the jousting game since the students always have a amazing time.  The blow up Jousting inflatable is also a crowd pleaser at Church Events, School Carnivals, Family Reunion and even smaller parties in a Backyard! With this rental foot print being 20 feet by 20 feet and under 4 feet in high it is not too hard to find a spot to setup indoors if you prefer.