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The Gaga Ball Extreme Pit is more fun than we can put on paper. What is Gaga Ball? Simply put, it is a safer and more exciting version of dodge ballgame played inside a giant inflatable octagon. The blowup Gaga Ball arena is 15 feet by 15 feet to fit up to 20 players. The number of players that will fit is based on the size of the players.

The game is comparable to dodgeball because the players need to dodge balls flying at them from other players. If you get hit with a ball, you are out. If you catch a ball, the player that threw it at you would be out. The last player left wins.

Gaga Ball is different from regular dodgeball because the player can only be hit below the knees for safety, and the biggest difference is that the game is played in a giant bounce house. A player cannot hold the ball but must hit it like a volleyball. Trying to jump around dodging balls tossed at you while on an unsteady surface is not as easy but a lot more fun than a standard dodgeball.

Change things up a little.

Make the game go faster by adding extra balls or slow it down with just one ball.

Play with teams by making two or more teams or play every player for themselves.

Try playing with the time-out rule! A player that is hit will have to sit out for a period of time, and then they may return to the game. The winner must be able to get everyone out before the first player that was put out returns. Using your imagination, you can invent your own game.