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The First Down Football Game is fun for all ages.  See who can score the most touchdowns!

HUT! HUT! HIKE! Play Americans greatest game in a whole new way when you rent the First Down inflatable interactive football game! This game has everything a future NFL star could ask for!  Rent for a birthday party, carnival, or just for your team’s quarterback to practice throwing touchdowns!

Coolest Inflatable Football Game Ever

Grab a teammate or your fiercest competitor to play the coolest football-throwing game you have ever played. What makes this game so cool? It is because of how fast pace the competition will be since each player will have to move quickly to get all balls onto his opponent’s side while they try to do the same.  This makes for many ups and downs until the MVP Champion emerges! The game starts with both players standing on their sides with their footballs in front of them.  Then say READY! SET! HIKE! To start the game.  Each player will try to throw his ball into the holes of the game’s color football field imagery backdrop.  Each football you make in a hole will end up on your opposite side. The first player to have no balls left wins.  Don’t forget, as your touchdown passes end up on the other side, you will have balls coming back to your side, so get moving!

Blow Up Game Made For Next Sunday Party

Imagine this giant blow-up football game at your next Sunday football party or for the big game at a Superbowl party! This inflatable stands almost 17 feet tall, with a large 3d football at the very top.  In the middle of the unit, to separate both players is a larger-than-life 3D football player. Then Complete with gigantic pop-up football images on both sides of the 16 x 16 feet game rental.  All that is America’s red, white, and blue, complete with the stars going up the sides, makes this unit super eye-catching! Tailgating setups are even possible with venue approval. Inflatable takes up about 16 x 16 feet.