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Nothing like hitting that target and dunking your boss, teacher, coach, or friends into 500 gallons of water! Having a baseball-themed party or team party, there is no better addition to bring the fun. Kids love dunking the adults they care about in the community and also their parents. You will be surprised how easy it is for the community to join the fun with a dunk tank. Rent the Dunk Tank Rental for your next school, church, or corporate event.

Getting Dunked In a Dunk Tank

The lucky volunteer about the get dunked will climb onto the seat over the water, relax and let their feet soak in the water.  Then as the kids come up to try to hit the target feel free to fun taunt them some. They will have three shots to hit the target.  We recommend starting them at a very challenging distance and then moving the line up to make things easier until someone hits the target. The first dunk is the most fun, so make it a challenge. Still, kids will love dunking people over and over again, especially when they see you through the large underwater viewing window in the front of the dunk tank.

What To Know When You Rent

Adults choosing to be dunked should be under 250 pounds due to weight limits, able to swim, and wearing water shoes are recommended. The water tank will take about an hour to fill up with your water hose, so plan accordingly. The dunk tank is 7 feet tall and has a footprint of 9×7 feet.