Batter Up Baseball Inflatable Game
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Step up to the plate, here’s the pitch, take a swing, and it is going, going gone!  The crowd goes wild when you rent the Inflatable Batter Up Baseball Game Rental. 

Feel Like Your In The Major Leagues

When you rent the Inflatable Batter Up Baseball Game, you feel like you are in the major league playing for your favorite baseball team. Hit the ball around just for fun, or take it seriously for some batting practice.  Trying to make contact with a constantly moving ball will present a fun challenge. Did I mention the baseball will be magically floating on air, moving all over the place?

How To Score In The Big Game!

To play, each player takes a turn while everyone keeps score. The first player stands in the batter’s box and tries to make good contact with the floating baseball with baseball bat. Try your hardest to knock the ball into the different holes with different values in the graphic back wall with a baseball stadium designed.

Rent The Inflatable Baseball Game

This is one of those inflatable game rentals perfect for larger events, fundraisers, festivals, carnivals, company picnics, family reunions, or any birthday party with a baseball theme. The blowup game stands 14 feet tall and has a footprint of 20 x 14 feet for a very impressive look, especially with all the cool graphics. With two batter boxes, one on each side of where the baseball floats, the Inflatable Batter Up Baseball Game works for both right and left-handed players.