5-in-1 Carnival Inflatable Game Rental

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Rent the Inflatable 5-in-1 Carnival Game for that real carnival feeling at your next event. All the energetic bright colors would be almost overwhelming just like the lights at your local county fair. With the circus tent top and candy cane striped columns kids will be drawn to this inflatable game like bugs to a light! Add for excitement by taking advantage of the built in rings to hold prizes about the games. There is so much to do here with 5 games in one blow up, children with be entertained for hours!

5 Games – One Inflatable!

  • Colors Tossing Game: Pick your favorite color and then try to make as many balls in that color hole as you can.  Like all ball toss games there is a convenient return ramp to keep the fun going.  Multiple players can play at once.
  • Wild Fun Ball Toss Game: Play alone or with lots of friends. Try to get as many balls through the target holes in the colorful backdrop.
  • Tic Tac Toe Tossing Game: Play against an opponent and take turns throwing balls at the tic tac toe background.  Be the first to make it in each hole to claim your x or o. First to claim 3 spots in a row wins!
  • Clown Toss: This one is a bit more challenging.  Multiple players can all start at once and try to toss a ball into the clowns mouth.  First to get a ball in wins!
  • Candy Darts: This game is a favorite! Throw large Velcro darts at the oversized dart board.  Make the most bullseyes and win!

Ready To Rent the Carnival?

By now I am sure you are ready to rent the carnival 5-in-1 Game Rental at your next birthday party or large event. Keep in mind this inflatable is a lot bigger then it looks in the photo at 11 feet tall and a circumference of 16 feet, 5 times the fun in one large blow up game!