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Cool off in a delicious way when you rent a commercial snow cone machine concession for your next event and enjoy the many different flavors!

Nothing better on a hot day than a refreshing Sno-Cone icy! Pick your favorite flavor and mix multiple colors; when you rent a snow cone machine, you can make unlimited frosty’ s all day.

Need to Know When Renting A Commercial Snow Cone Maker

Using a Commercial Snow Cone Machine is easy! Here is what you need to know when renting a commercial snow cone maker.  You will need ice and also a cooler for storing the ice. When making the icy, the first step is to scoop the ice into the top of the hopper; you will see the lever that lifts up on top of the unit. Then start the Snow Cone Maker by pushing the button off the switch. Push down the top lever, and you will start to see the shaved ice dropping through the glass. You can make just enough for a few or fill up the entire machine if you have a large crowd.

Serving Up The Cold Sweetness

To serve an icy, grab a small ice cream scooper or our rounded scooper and reach inside the maker to scoop some shaved ice. Scoop the ice into the snow cones, fill them up, and round the top. In the next part, we normally let the kids do it themselves because they love to pour their own flavored syrup on.  Let the little ones make their own snow cone creation and enjoy!