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Cotton Candy Concession Rental

Rent a Commercial Cotton Candy Concession for your next family event for the true carnival feeling in your backyard. Cotton candy is also great for fundraisers and large Florida community events.

Cotton Candy Concession Rental

From super large events to backyard birthday parties, there is nothing like a Cotton Candy Concession Rental to bring the good smells and sweet treats! Cotton candy is also the perfect item to sell at fundraisers. After all, it is hard to smell fresh cotton candy and not want one.

How To Use A Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

So you have rented a commercial cotton candy maker, and now you might need to know how to use it. The delivery driver should go over everything with you because different Cotton Candy Makers work differently. However, most are all the same concept. Most cotton candy makers have two switches and maybe a knob. There is normally a main power switch that you will need to turn on. First, the second switch will start the machine, so do not turn that one on yet. Next, fill the hole in the center of the maker with the flavored sugar of your choice. Now you are ready, turn on the 2nd switch and be careful because the center where you poured the floss sugar will start to spin. Cotton candy will start to form on the outside of the candy pan. (for machines with a knob, you may need to adjust if you are not making the cotton candy correctly)

Serving Up The Sugar High

Time to impress your party guest! After enough cotton candy has formed on the outside of the pan, grab a paper cone and scoop the cotton candy up and twist. Hand the cone to your first customer, and the sugar high is served up.

Safety When Making Cotton Candy

Safety always comes first, especially when dealing with kids, moving parts, and hot items. Adults should only operate cotton candy makers; kids should never stick their hands in the cotton candy-making area. When cooking cotton candy, it is important that everyone stays away from the moving top. After you are done making cotton candy, the operator should turn off only the button stated in the cotton candy machine and leave it on the main power button. The cotton candy still spins for a few seconds after turning off as a cool-down mode, so keep away from moving parts until they completely stop moving. Even after the top stops spinning, remember it will still be very hot, so do not touch it until you are sure it has cooled. This is the main safety information; please check with your delivery driver or rental office for further instructions and safety information.